Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Liberace Turns In His Grave

I never liked Liberace--nothing to do with where he parked his jollopy. I just found him smarmy, and when he sued the Daily Mirror for the equivalent of millions for writing that he was not a manly man, that was the height of hypocrisy.

I like Michael Douglas even less. He's a homophobe, and uses his prejudice to demote and insult women. We knew of course what would happen. Every time a big star plays someone who was gay, out come the old chestnuts. He has nothing against gays, but he isn't one himself. Sly Stallone never said, "I'm playing a man who goes around blowing everyone to bits, but I don't really do that." When that bloke played Ray Charles he didn't go around insulting blind people because he wasn't blind himself.
Michael Douglas now feels the need to tell us that he got throat cancer through eating pussy. Both his wives have come forwards and said it wasn't with them. So there's a poor lady out there thinking that here we have a creep who not only tells the world what he's done to them in bed--they've also given him a disease. He's in remission now, but it would serve him right if he suddenly wasn't.
His father Kirk was a great actor and a fine man. He once said in a British interview that he had "experimented", but that he still had four sons. This one isn't fit to be using his name. He's an insult to the gay community, and an even bigger insult to the straight community.

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