Monday, 20 May 2013

Omens? Will There Be Big News?

I believe in portentous omens!

This morning I wrote about the death of Henry VI on Tuesday 21 May 1471. He was either clubbed over the head while at prayer, or stabbed up the bum--nothing sexual about this, assassins often plunged their blade where it wouldn't show.
While writing, I wondered why I had a sudden cold shudder, and a little later it dawned on me.
Tomorrow is 21 May and it falls on a Tuesday.

Tomorrow is Hala Pickford's birthday. Will she do an Elizabeth of York and snuff it on her big day?--though not as this dear lady did in childbirth, because something needs to happen to put the child there in the first place, and Hala's honolulu is a place where NO man would wish to park his jollopy.

Will Evelyn Zumaya celebrate with a Chinese painting and ropes party in the woods?

Will someone send me pornographic pictures of the event from the 12.59 to Brussels?

Will the McCann case make a sudden surge forwards as predicted, only to take ten steps back again?

Will I win Euromillions like I did last week--£7.90?

And doesn't Henry look like Evelyn Zumaya, without her specs?

There's also another Pickford connection with Henry. When they opened his tomb in 1910 they found the partial remains of a pig.

I guess all these things will or will not be explained on Wednesday--in America they're several hours behind us.

It would be fun though if everything came true. Then all of OUR birthdays would come at once!

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