Monday, 29 April 2013

Mucky Pictures

No photograph this time.

I have done nothing that I should be ashamed of.

In April 2011, someone pretending to be Joana Morais, a young woman who lives in Lisbon, sent me an e-mail.
The address of the sender was

I stress that this was NOT Ms Morais, but someone pretending to be her.
With the e-mail was a simple message:

The e-mail contained NINE photographs, eight of which were of a policeman, Ricardo Paiva, who was the family liaison officer in the McCann case.
One picture depicted him standing on the beach, others depicted him at work. There was a picture taken at lap-dancing club. There was a picture of a flaccid penis, other picture of a man masturbating in front of a computer-screen upon which a woman was exposing her rear end. I stress also than in these pornographic pictures, the man's face cannot be seen--only his hand, one leg, and of course his penis.
I make NO accusation about these pictures. The face in the pictures IS Mr Paiva, but they could have come from anywhere. As I say, the face cannot be seen in the other pictures, which also could have come from anywhere.
When the police confiscated by laptop on 9 November 2012, because of a compaint lodged by Eurostar employee Justine Spencer, these pictures were seen as forensics went through my hard-drive and found nothing incriminating against me.
I know exactly who sent these pictures to me, and so does Ms Morais, who was asked about them at the time by the Portuguese police.
Neither myself nor Ms Morais has ever mentioned these pictures to anyone until now. Naturally I communicated with her about them, as they were sent by someone trying to set us both up, but the matter has always been kept private, until recent events made it necessary for me to do so. Screenshots sent to me by one 'Jade', whose e-mail address was also
reveal a communication between Mr Paiva and the person I believe impersonated Ms Morais.
I am not revealing this information, but out of necessity to protect myself and my family. I have now received around a dozen death-threats on behalf of the person who I believed sent those pictures, and if anything happens to me--as these threats say it will--then this will be on record. I have also revealed the name of this person to all the right people, in the event of my death. This is how serious this matter has become.

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  1. might posting the threats made to you put them off doing it again? I would post them and let them do all the talking.