Friday, 5 April 2013

Elizabeth Taylor In China

Well, I've finally made it to Number One--in China! Moreover they've housed it in a very nice silk cover and have included a complimentary Cleopatra bookmark!

My Liz Taylor book came out a week after she died--that was some serious motoring by the publisher. She died on the Wednesday, the next day we travelled to France, and last minute editing took place on the train via mobile phone--I hate the things and had to buy one especially for the occasion! The next night, I was on the French news.
The book was released one week later in America, Canada and Australasia, and has since been published in Sweden, Japan and Poland--countries which Liz never visited--and Russia, which she did visit, and where she was mistaken for Marilyn Monroe! But China--and shifting 100,000 copies! Then they told me that I have other books in the lower reaches of the charts there, courtesy of my becoming known because of this one--Rock Hudson and Clark Gable, which came out ages ago. And someone asked me my favourite Chinese actor--and would you believe, I couldn't think of a single one aside from Anna May Wong and Bruce Lee, and they had never heard of them!

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