Friday, 12 April 2013

Chanson: A Story Of Forbidden Love

This is the one based on my godfather's experiences during the war.
The script lay in my loft for almost fifteen years, along with five others.
Thanks to the efforts of an obsessive female who spun a yarn to the police which led to the temporary confiscation of one of my machines, the one which contained the script for my next biography, I bought a new machine and typed reworked all of these scripts. Three have already found good homes, thanks to another obsessive woman who blasted publishers around the globe with pleas not to publish me. Curious, they asked to see the scripts--and contracts were forthcoming. Which just goes to show there is no such thing as bad publicity! As for the incident with the police--very little of what I was accused of actually involved me, and I was completely exonerated with a massive apology! And now I await one of the aforementioned females to contact whoever to try and scupper this one, as she did before. Happily, the trap has been set to catch the rat!
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