Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Gregory Lemarchal: Six Years Have Gone


He was a lodestar, an absolute blaze of talent. He was revered by millions and they nicknamed him 'Angel'. We met him in Paris and he was so, so sweet--so frail by way of illness that he could barely stand at times. Yet he fought on until the very end, and left us aged just twenty-three.
On 3 May 2007--an auspicious occasion and a memorable one, the twentieth anniversary of Dalida's death, Greg's parents announced that they were opening a fund in his memory. 'L'Association Gregory Lemarchal' has so far raised over 20 million euros to help sufferers of cystic fibrosis. They take nothing out of the fund for themselves, and are universally praised for their fortitude as caring parents. EVERY LAST CENT goes to these poor people, mostly youngsters, in the hope that a cure might be found for this dreadful illness.
Greg was in hospital, and succumbed to the after-effects of a simple cold. Two hours later, the lungs and heart arrived for a transplant. Half a million people attended his funeral.
Today, those who loved him remember their 'Angel'. Bisous, Greg!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Mucky Pictures

No photograph this time.

I have done nothing that I should be ashamed of.

In April 2011, someone pretending to be Joana Morais, a young woman who lives in Lisbon, sent me an e-mail.
The address of the sender was xklamation@europe.com

I stress that this was NOT Ms Morais, but someone pretending to be her.
With the e-mail was a simple message:

The e-mail contained NINE photographs, eight of which were of a policeman, Ricardo Paiva, who was the family liaison officer in the McCann case.
One picture depicted him standing on the beach, others depicted him at work. There was a picture taken at lap-dancing club. There was a picture of a flaccid penis, other picture of a man masturbating in front of a computer-screen upon which a woman was exposing her rear end. I stress also than in these pornographic pictures, the man's face cannot be seen--only his hand, one leg, and of course his penis.
I make NO accusation about these pictures. The face in the pictures IS Mr Paiva, but they could have come from anywhere. As I say, the face cannot be seen in the other pictures, which also could have come from anywhere.
When the police confiscated by laptop on 9 November 2012, because of a compaint lodged by Eurostar employee Justine Spencer, these pictures were seen as forensics went through my hard-drive and found nothing incriminating against me.
I know exactly who sent these pictures to me, and so does Ms Morais, who was asked about them at the time by the Portuguese police.
Neither myself nor Ms Morais has ever mentioned these pictures to anyone until now. Naturally I communicated with her about them, as they were sent by someone trying to set us both up, but the matter has always been kept private, until recent events made it necessary for me to do so. Screenshots sent to me by one 'Jade', whose e-mail address was jazzyjade.roberts@aol.co.uk also
reveal a communication between Mr Paiva and the person I believe impersonated Ms Morais.
I am not revealing this information, but out of necessity to protect myself and my family. I have now received around a dozen death-threats on behalf of the person who I believed sent those pictures, and if anything happens to me--as these threats say it will--then this will be on record. I have also revealed the name of this person to all the right people, in the event of my death. This is how serious this matter has become.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher: RIP

It was an intensely moving service, truly deserved.
A magnificent send-off for a magnificent lady.
If people want to hate her, that's their business.
I didn't.
I lived through the Miners' Strike, I even performed at some of their events.
Some of those people were nice, most of them were vile.
They got what they deserved for being greedy.
I was criticised at the place where I worked for turning my back on Arthur Scargill when he came to lecture us and the Trade Unions with his Hitlerian rant.
She was a million times better than he and his NHS sidekick George Rusling would ever be.
She will go down in history as one of the greatest Britons who ever lived.
I salute her!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Westboro Baptist Church: Words Defy Me

LGBT global news 24-7

Westboro Baptist church says Boston bombs sent by God to punish state for same-sex marriage

Controversial church says bombs were sent by God to punish Massachusetts for passing same-sex marriage law
The aftermath of the explosion at the finishing line of the Boston Marathon 2013
Westboro Baptist Church has weighed-in on a national tragedy again to say that the explosion that killed three people and injured hundreds at the finishing line of the Boston Marathon yesterday was sent by God to punish the state of Massachusetts for passing same-sex marriage law.
'God sent the Boston Marathon Bombs for the sin of Massachusetts passing same-sex marriage! #SHAME #USAsDoom' said a tweet from the church.
Another tweet, referring to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, said:
'Everyone can give a big thanks to the likes of ‪@TheEllenShow‬ in supporting same-sex marriage -- THAT is the reason GOD SENT BOSTON BOMBS!'
The controversial church then sent out a series of tweet quoting the Bible and threatened to picket the funerals of the three people who were killed.
Around 20,000 long-distance runners took part in the marathon, including many raising money for LGBT-related charities.
A statement from the Boston Athletic Association who organize the race said:
'Today is a sad day for the City of Boston, for the running community, and for all those who were here to enjoy the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. What was intended to be a day of joy and celebration quickly became a day in which running a marathon was of little importance.'
Westboro Baptist Church made similar comments after the Newtown massacre in Connecticut in December when 20 children and six adults were killed by a gunman.
In 2004 Massachusetts became the first American state, and the sixth jurisdiciton in the world, to pass same-sex marriage law.
Comment on a news story

Monday, 15 April 2013

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius is a social network friend of mine and has been for some time. I admire him greatly as a sportsman, and even more so as a human being. What this man has suffered in his youth does not bear thinking about. He has shown courage and fortitude, and in my eyes he is a legend. I see no reason not to continue having him as a network friend--he has done no harm to me, he is one who has privately supported me through an ordeal, and in my eyes he remains innocent until proved otherwise.

Those who know me, know that I loathe all forms of prejudice, but most of all homophobia and racism. This man has, by the bigots, been found guilty simply because they want him to be so without getting to the bottom of the story. He comes from a country where the justice system is not what it should be--this is putting it mildly. If when June comes, things turn bad for Oscar--and I very much doubt they will--then will be the time that I revise my opinion. Until then, I remain friend and not enemy. Until then, leave the man alone.



Pistorius case - Blade Runner spotted 'flirting and downing shots'

The spokeswoman for Oscar Pistorius has defended the runner after he was reportedly seen downing shots and flirting with women at a Johannesburg restaurant.

After having been released on bail, the ‘Blade Runner’ has been staying at his uncle’s house in Pretoria as he awaits his murder trial over shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
Pistorius has been said to have kept a low profile amid intense international coverage of his case, but South African press reports claim that he shocked onlookers as he reportedly flirted with several women, “knocking back” shots at the bar of a restaurant.
Reports quoted people at the popular Kitchen Bar restaurant as saying Pistorius was sporting a beard and flirting with several women.
"He was drinking shooters and he was flirtatious," one woman told the local Sunday Times.
Ms Burgess defended the Olympian, saying Pistorius "strenuously and vigorously denies any inappropriate behaviour towards any people or women present, or 'partying it up' with shooters.
"Oscar did go out last Saturday with friends," she told the Sunday Times. "It was the first time since the tragic and horrific events of February 14 that Oscar went out with friends.
"He has been out of the house with family, but this was the first time he went out to a restaurant with people other than close family.
"It is regrettable that what was supposed to be a low-key evening reconnecting with friends is now being blown out of proportion for sensational reasons."
Ms Burgess told the paper that Pistorius left the venue when "public interest became overwhelming".
He proceeded to go to a bar across the street for a short time, but "left for the same reason", Ms Burgess said.
Meanwhile, the runner's agent, Peet van Zyl, has said Pistorius was running on his blades again and his return to regular training was imminent.
Pistorius has said that he killed Steenkamp by accident as he thought he was shooting an intruder when he fired through a bathroom door at his Pretoria home.
Prosecutors say he shot her after the couple had an argument.
Pistorius is scheduled to be back in court on June 4. He could face a life sentence if found guilty of murder.
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dorothy Squires: 15 Years Today

She's one of the most astonishing women I have ever known. We had a friendship which lasted over twenty years, she said exactly what she thought about whoever she wanted, and perhaps more than anyone she taught me the art of fearlessness.
Sadly she was too fond of calling the police and yanking people off to court, and ended up being declared a vexatious litigant.
To me, she was kindness itself--she thought the world of Jeanne, and our binges and bitching sessions were notorious. At her parties we met some of the most outrageous people--some became friends, one or two became more than friends. We got into all kinds of scrapes, and much of this will be brought to light now that I've been asked to write Dot's biography. It's fifteen years today since she left us. I last saw her two years before she died--she lived just down the road--but we kept in touch on the phone almost until the very end.
Dot's autobiography, Rain, Rain, Go Away! was a sensation--or would have been if they'd allowed it to be published. It contained 186 'episodes of serious libel', some of these against some of the men in her life. I know because she gave me a copy of the script. What she wrote about a certain newspaper tycoon, and numerous people at the BBC would make a docker blanch. She was almost like a walking 'Confidential' magazine. She told the truth, she named names.
But enough of that. Dot will always be remembered as quite possibly the finest British singer of them all. You can forget your Basseys with their windmilling arms, your Winehouses with their ever-present bottles, much as loved both of these ladies. Dot was the only ever British chanteuse réaliste, and a damned good one she was at that. Her recording of 'May Way' only just sneaked into the Top 30, but it was in the charts for six months and sold three million copies. Today's chart-toppers average around 20,000 if they're lucky.
A taster for the book appears in Edith Piaf:Interviews With Those Who Knew Her, and I don't doubt that while I'm working on the new one that there'll be lots of laughter and tears. I'll never forget that monent in Leicester when Jeanne was taking the pictures backstage, and the Mayor's wife said, 'My dear, I feel like a racehorse!' Quick as lightning, Dot responded, 'You f*****g look like one!' She was a class act! Someone once said of Montgomery Clift, 'That man had class, even when peeing in the gutter!' That was Dot.
AND she went to Graceland to have dinner with Elvis, who she made weep when she sang 'This Is My Mother's Day'.
So whenever I'm feeling pissed off with life's inconsequential idiots, I just close my eyes and ask myself, 'What would Dot do in this situation?'

Friday, 12 April 2013

Chanson: A Story Of Forbidden Love

This is the one based on my godfather's experiences during the war.
The script lay in my loft for almost fifteen years, along with five others.
Thanks to the efforts of an obsessive female who spun a yarn to the police which led to the temporary confiscation of one of my machines, the one which contained the script for my next biography, I bought a new machine and typed reworked all of these scripts. Three have already found good homes, thanks to another obsessive woman who blasted publishers around the globe with pleas not to publish me. Curious, they asked to see the scripts--and contracts were forthcoming. Which just goes to show there is no such thing as bad publicity! As for the incident with the police--very little of what I was accused of actually involved me, and I was completely exonerated with a massive apology! And now I await one of the aforementioned females to contact whoever to try and scupper this one, as she did before. Happily, the trap has been set to catch the rat!
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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

"Chanson: A Story Of Forbidden Love During The German Occupation Of Paris"

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    A new novel, provisionally entitled "Obsessive Madwomen" and based on personal experiences, is now in production.


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Barbara, The Inner Voice Of France

Barbara: The Inner Voice Of France
BBC Radio 3 Sunday 7 April, 19.45

We were the closest of friends for over 20 years--the last time we spoke was when she called to wish us well on our 25th wedding anniversary, one month before she died.
Barbara remains the greatest French singer of them all, equalled only by Piaf. I was honoured to know and work with her--I adapted several of her songs into English.
Charley Marouani and I had always resisted appearing in any programme about her--she was a very private woman, and confided in but a few of us.
When the BBC were making the programme, we insisted upon vetting the guest-list. This is why Georges Moustaki and Roland Romanelli were left out. Sadly, Marie Chaix slipped through the net because she is singer Anne Silvestre's sister--a horrible person who monopolises the situation by persisting in taking about drugs. Barbara did NOT take drugs. She had a serious health problem, and was on medication for this. Neither did we need her to regale us with stories about Barbara's father--our friend said all she needed to about him in 'Nantes'.
With Barbara, it was the songs--and her love of humanity.
The only secret I would impart about her is that, during the last ten years of her life, she raised over £10 million for AIDS and childrens charities.
I think about her every single day of my life. No one has inspired me as much as she, and it was a tremendous honour to have Depardieu play a character based on me in 'Lily Passion'.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Elizabeth Taylor In China

Well, I've finally made it to Number One--in China! Moreover they've housed it in a very nice silk cover and have included a complimentary Cleopatra bookmark!

My Liz Taylor book came out a week after she died--that was some serious motoring by the publisher. She died on the Wednesday, the next day we travelled to France, and last minute editing took place on the train via mobile phone--I hate the things and had to buy one especially for the occasion! The next night, I was on the French news.
The book was released one week later in America, Canada and Australasia, and has since been published in Sweden, Japan and Poland--countries which Liz never visited--and Russia, which she did visit, and where she was mistaken for Marilyn Monroe! But China--and shifting 100,000 copies! Then they told me that I have other books in the lower reaches of the charts there, courtesy of my becoming known because of this one--Rock Hudson and Clark Gable, which came out ages ago. And someone asked me my favourite Chinese actor--and would you believe, I couldn't think of a single one aside from Anna May Wong and Bruce Lee, and they had never heard of them!