Sunday, 31 March 2013

Why The Huhnes Should Not Be In Jail

Tonight he was grinning at the cameras from behind the prison fence, while she uncannily resembles a notorious American homophobe--but one who knows how to smile.
I hate him because he was inconsiderate enough to have them throw the book at him on the day they learned the identity of our beloved Richard III--who came from an age when crooked politicians ended up dangling at Tyburn. They broke into one of the most riveting and important press-conferences in British history to flash the news about this pompous nonentity.
Even so, they should not have gone to jail. They haven't really harmed anyone--just made each other look like prize plonkers, and from his point of view told us what we already know, that some politicians are slippier than eels and only interested in Number One.
No, they should have given them seven months at Piccadilly Station, mopping out the loos. Then they would both have something to smile about and the public would feel that justice had been done, instead of dispatching them to what appears to be a health farm.

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