Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Sun Steps Into The Gutter Again

Gary O'Shea--or should that be Tessie--once again shows us how low journalists can sink when writing or referring to a near-tragedy. As most people know, I equate most tabloid journalists with dog manure, pavement vomit, and anything generally distasteful. Sun journalists are in a league of their own.
Morrissey has been VERY ill. He could have died. As such, he is thinking of retiring for the sake of his health. And how does Tessie caption the picture accompanying his feature? 'Heaven Knows He's Miserable Now!'
I don't know about the car on the M6. The way these people are going, we're going to be wishing for a double-decker bus.
And that dog-muck on the pavement? If Moz stepped in it, you wouldn't be fit to wipe it off his shoes.

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