Thursday, 7 March 2013

RIP Cous Cous

I feel such sympathy for this gorgeous creature. A woman (pity it couldn;t have been the Zumaya woman or the window-cleaner's wife) is stupid enough to get inside his cage, he kills her--that's what lions do: the law of the jungle says that we are food--and then they kill him. It's all so pointless and so utterly cruel. He didn't ask for the silly bitch to act like an idiot, and what's happened to her serves her right. There was a man on youtube the other night who went into a lions' enclosure and was showing off, how much they trusted him, how clever he was that he can play with them and tickle them. They'll snap one day, and his stupidity will cost them their lives. I now hope that someone sues the dead woman's family for damages for costing this beautiful animal its life.

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