Tuesday, 12 March 2013


After contacting my team, my advisers, my protector (oh, yes!) and my lawyer, I have decided that I will not be dictated to by someone who signs themself simply as 'Anonymous'. Why would should a mighty organisation wish to associate itself with small fry like Evelyn Zumaya and Justine Spencer --the latter of whom I have heard nothing since she tried and failed to have me sent to jail? Why indeed should they wish to bother with small fry such as myself? I'm not a royal, or a terrorist, or a master criminal. Is this just someone--and it does not take much figuring out who--trying to stir things to put us at loggerheads again? And if this person is really against so-called bullying, should they not fairly look at both sides?
Therefore the Blog returns. I won't be writing about anyone on Twitter, and I won't be writing about Justine Spencer and her cohorts at all. Why should I? As for Zumaya, she is absolutely obsessed with me. She NEVER writes anything unless it is about me. Even during a supposed intimate dinner with friends, she makes twenty tweets attacking me. She also sets people up--people I now know are completely innocent, such as a young woman in Wales and a priest in America. I have communicated with both, and both have denied any involvement with her and even condemned her. She is a pathological liar. 'Anonymous' warned me to stay away from Zumaya. Why? Who does she know? And as long as she keeps attacking me, she says be way of defending herself, then I too will have my say, in defence of myself. This woman has opened at least three Blogs dedicated ONLY to attacking me, and she persists in posting youtubes, 28 so far. THAT is bullying.

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