Saturday, 16 March 2013

Morrissey: Get Well Soon!

He really is an amazing man, and one I will never cease to admire. He is English--NOT British--and is proud of the fact. Some of his views may not be shared by all, but he is essentially a good man, one I am very proud to have been involved with. I've sent him personal messages, but this one is on behalf of the people who come here--Inch Allah, this Blog should hit the million mark over the weekend, not bad for a man who is allegedly hated by the world and its mother! In fact, the messages received by me regarding my recent family bereavement have touched me greatly--hundreds of them, proving--not that proof was needed--that there are some truly wonderful people out there.
Morrissey us unwell, and has been for some time. His friends and fans are increasingly concerned for his health. He works hard, and is loved hard in return.
All we want, Stephen Patrick, is for you to be well again. Please oblige us. Speaking personally, few have inspired me as much as you--and you know that I'm always here to be dusted down and placed on the mantelpiece. XXX

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