Sunday, 10 March 2013

Let Syria Fight Its Own Battles

The days are rare when you help an old person who is being mugged in the street--you want to, but even though the mugger is a ten-year-old child, he or she might just plant a blade between your ribs. So you don't interfere. In our cabinet in the UK we have TWENTY-TWO millionaires, people who wouldn't know in a million years how the other half live. A bit like Marie Antoinette asking the rabble to eat cake. This country doesn't have enough money for its own poor people, who progressively are getting poorer, but this government is persistently doling out aid to foreigners instead of leaving them to the their own devices. They got themselves into this mess, let them get themselves out of it. Would THEY help us? I think not.
I'm not saying that I dislike our leaders, only that I've seen better propositions in the bottom of public toilets. Anybody can come here and ask for a handout, and get it. They spend millions on protecting, housing and feeding a radical cleric, instead of--well, you get the picture. They raise millions from projects such as 'Children In Need' to send to foreign countries whose people are only in dire straits because of corrupt governments who would rather kill one another than feed the flock. Like America, they stick their noses into every war, and end up with our soldiers and thousands of innocent people getting slaughtered.
All a waste of time and life. If they want to send anybody into Syria, send in the governmental heads. They call themselves leaders--let THEM lead the troups and risk being among the first to get blown to bits. If this happened, there would be fewer wars. 

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