Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Elizabeth Taylor In Sweden

In any language, Elizabeth was beautiful. In my opinion, her best films were the ones she usually was slated for--'Butterfield 8', 'Cleopatra' and 'These Old Broads'. The latter had Joan Collins, Shirley MacLaine...and Debbie Reynolds, the old 'enemy' with whom she appears in several scenes, though they never actually met on the set until the very final scene--clever cameraman! This book--not the Swedish version--has now hit the six-figure sales mark, and has just been released in China, a place I thought might never have heard of some of the stars I write about. My Errol Flynn and Rock Hudson got into the best-sellers there. Very shocking, considering some of the episodes I describe, regarding Errol's exploits in that part of the world. Ting-Ling O'Connor apparently really did exist!

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