Friday, 8 March 2013

Divine Was Divine!

He really was what it said on the tin!
Divine, aka Glenn Milstead, left us 25 years ago today.
I admired him because he was different, because he was impecably brave to do what he did. I saw him on stage a few times, but met him just the once.
His alter-ego was vulgar. Glenn never was. But those on-stage put-downs!
I adopted one of his lines for a play of mine. When it was read at a workshop in London, it brought the house down--I won't repeat it here, but it appplies to EVERYONE who has attacked me.
It's because of people like Glenn that I take whatever comes my way. 'I can take it, the givers can't take it back'. That was another of his lines.
He was only 42 when he died, but he was a very lodestar of talent--and also the great love of Tab Hunter's life. That says a lot!

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