Sunday, 3 March 2013

Camané - Fado da sina- Prince Of fado

It's nice to see me mentioned in the Portuguese and japanese press today regarding my comments about this man. Camané is without any doubt the finest living male fadista in Portugal today--and sadly the only one I don't know or haven't spoken to on the phone. I do know his ex-wife, though, who stood around six inches taller than Carlos--he is proof that perfection really does come in small packages!
Amália Rodrigues spoke to me twice on the phone, and asked me if I would adapt one of her fados into French--I did, and she sang my version of 'Tudo iste e fado' several times, and rehearsed 'Rasa o passada'. She joked at the time that I had made a rod for my own back, and each time I go back to Lisboa I'm expected to get up and sing them--the last time was with Amália's guitarists.
Amália was one of the most important people in my life--a woman I would have given my last breath to. Sounds silly, I know, but my dog died on the same day as she died, and it helped the whole family with our grief. She is one of thr handful of people I think about with affection every day.

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