Tuesday, 12 February 2013

We Do NOT Need Press Regulation

Some time ago, I opened an e-petition over something I felt passionate about at the time, but about which today I do not give a monkey's left testicle--sometimes you have to let the lunatics run the asylum, and it's a pleasant experience watching them self-combust, one by one.
I recall their opinion at the time that, even if I did acquire the requisite 100,000 signatures, nothing would be done. Now, there's an e-petition called 'Hacked Off', and the 24/7 McCann Twitterers are giving minute by minute updates on how many people have signed the darned thing--they did the same with one of the Facebook groups, the idea being that if you collect enough Green Shield Stamps, you'll get a shiny new jollopy. Well, the garage door's still locked on that one, and this one will be no different. And most of the signatures are provided by fruit-loops so brainwashed by their cause that, if someone asked them to, they would boil their children in oil and sell them to soup-kitchens to raise even more good money to be thrown after bad.
I don't like David Cameron or this coalition government. They're robbing the poor to give to the rich, and wasting too much money on overseas problems, giving millions to lost causes, and letting our pensioners and sick suffer. They spent millions on the Leveson Enquiry, which saw rather a lot of up-themselves people moaning about how badly they've been misrepresented by our press--when they've never been afraid of courting the press in the first place to get themselves noticed. As sure as eggs are eggs, it will all backfire in them in the most spectacular fashion. 
Okay, there's more than a few tabloid journalists I would like to see taking a nose-dive over Beach Head in a minibus. I've never made a secret of the fact and have told them so, to their faces. But, by and large, our press do a good job and do NOT need to be gagged. Celebrities--real or self-created--do not need to be beyond reproach. If they step out of line, the public needs to know about it.
Therefore, no matter how many signatures this silly e-petition gets, the Leveson decision will not be implemented. And if it was left to me, I would go through the list and fine everyone who signed it, say, £100. Then they could give the money to a deserving cause, such as the ones who cannot afford to pay their heating bills right now.

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