Monday, 4 February 2013

Richard III: SUCH A Happy Day!

One of the happiest days of my life--quite possible THE happiest!

Richard III is the biggest victim of bullying this world has ever known. For five-hundred years he has been picked on, mocked and ridiculed.
He was NOT a hunchback with a withered arm, who ate live frogs.
Yes, he did have curvature of the spine, but otherwise he was a slender, six-foot, NORMAL human being, and a good King. Anybody that thinks otherwise now is of inconsequence.
And yes, there will be a book--one I was commissioned to write in 1987, but which was never published because that was the year I began publishing biographies.
And now, Richard deserves a funeral fit for a King, to which we have already been invited--wherever and whenever that might be.
But please, NOT Leicester.

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