Sunday, 10 February 2013

Leave Our Foxes Alone!

There's a new 'pariah' sweeping Britain.
They've been here for centuries, but now people are ganging up on them because someone reported that a fox bit a baby's finger off.
Tragic news, of course, though the question must be raised. Who, in this modern age of adbuctions and Jimmy Savile wannabes, leaves a baby unattended so that anything can get at it, let alone a fox?
And now, fruit-loops are saying that it's all because we banned fox-hunting. There, that's your answer. Maybe this fox wanted to get it's revenge for what some toffee-nosed toff did to its mother, all in the interest of sport. Seriously, though. Leave our foxes alone, and stop neglecting your children, then everyone will be happy.
Of course, now that it's happened once--like London buses--there'll be a spate of them, just as happened when a 'ferocious lion' was roaming our Southern counties. There were newsflashes galore, so many sworn sightings--until it turned out to be Mrs Hanley's missing ginger tom.

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