Saturday, 16 February 2013

Jehovah's Witnesses

These are a national pariah, a disease, a plague. We're barely halfway into the month and we've had them FOUR times. They stand outside on the green, grouped together like gruesome, plotting, seedy-looking weasels. The men usually wear Greenwood-stroke-Oxfam raincoats and look like flashers. The women wear twinsets they've had since Mafeking, and carry cheap shopping bags within they have copies of The Watchtower that nobody wants to see. None of them would give a blind man a light, but they hammer on your door and start spouting their religious tosh, breathing the odour of cabbage across your doorstep. One of my father's aunties once opened the upstairs window and, after being told by one of these creeps that she would not go to heaven for hanging out her washing on a Sunday, rewarded her nuisance caller with the contents of the chamber pot. These Jehovah's Shitmesses hate giving blood to dying children, they hate gays, they hate everyone who is not them. I have yet to see one house here open the door to listen to their crap, or to tell them to go forth and multiply. There should be a law prohibiting them from walking the streets. After all, they do this woth prostitutes--and I know which I would rather have walking through my front gate! 

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