Monday, 4 February 2013

Gay Marriage: Yea Or Nay?

Later today, government ministers are voting on the issue of gay marriage.
I was reminded earlier by some withered old coot that as a straight man I am not qualified to be commenting on such matters, or even supporting gay issues. using that logic, this means that I should not be supporting racial issues because I am not black, or be anti-abortion (save in extreme cases) because I am not a woman. Many of my friends who fervently support the gay community are also straight--it's called being human.
Some years ago a Jehovah's Witness knocked on my door. (I find these only slightly to the left of homophobes, racists and other flotsam, and one of my great delights as a child was when Aunty Kate once opened the bedroom window on a persistent offender and rewarded her with the contents of the chamber-pot ). She was campaigning to ask if gay priests should be allowed to marry. My response was, 'Yes, if they love each other!' I guess that among the 'brotherhood' there are a good many wannabe Liberaces, but this isn't the issue tomorrow.
Being gay is NOT an abomination. That's a myth perpetuated by homophobes and Bible-Bashers who believe every word of the Good Book--which of course puts paid to Darwin, dinosaurs, and 100% of what happens in today's world. I don't think I've ever been in a church where I've seen them sacrificing a goat--though I can thing of a few goats who ought to be sacrificed, save that they're so wicked, they would probably burst into flames the instant they passed through the holy portals.
God loves us all equally. Everyone should be allowed to love whom they choose, without being attacked by the brown-teeths and Greenwoods suits. Man with woman, man with man, woman with woman, old with young, etc. They are harming no one. If the bigots cannot accept this, there is always the Brooklyn Bridge or whatever structure may be nearby.
We now have a new Archbishop of Canterbury who I can only describe, after his first day in office, as not very nice. They want to change with the times and ordain women priests and bishops--yet when it comes to man-to-man love, they want to stick to biblical tradition. In other words, they want to bend the rules to suit their own ends. And most of the high office holy men in this country have sounded like Thora Hurd, in any case--not that I am casting nasturtiums, as she would say.
The politicians, as usual, are thinking only of themselves. 120 MPs are expected to vote, while most of the others want the vote to be deferred until after the next general election. Why? Because they don't want bigots to vote for the other side, when the time comes. If that's not homophobia, I don't know what is. A classic case of, 'I don't mind gays, as long as we don't have one in the family or living next door.' It makes you wonder what they think of the rest of us. And the government that we have has about as much chance of getting in the next time as Hitler has of getting his testicle back.

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