Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Gay Marriage Bill Passed In UK

Yet another FANTASTIC day for the oppressed and a kick in the stonks for the oppressors.
Yesterday--my mother's birthday and also that of my tremendous buddy Tracy Terhune--they released the news that the remains found in Leicester really were those of Richard III.
Today, despite all the hoo-hah from the homophobes who believed they would lose their seats at the next general election if they voted for it (though quite a few of them lick that particular side of the stamp), the motion was passed. The moralists will whine, the nasty people will continue to be nasty, but victories for nasty people are invariably Pyrrhic.
Tonight I shall celebrate, having a jar or two with my Russian soldier 'buddy'. Who knows, maybe I'll let him tinkle my ivories?

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