Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Ian Brady: Britain's Most Evil Man

This thing has haunted me for years. Winnie Johnson contacted me, and after this dear lady died I received 150,000 messages of sympathy on my group. For almost half a century she suffered a martyrdom, not knowing what these monsters had done with her little boy. In my opinion, they should have made him speak, and then put him down like a rabid dog. I hope that when his time comes, he lingers in agony--and I cannot think of one decent human being in this country who would disagree with me.


Moors Murderer Ian Brady 'moves closer to dying in prison after legal breakthrough'

  • Killer of five wants to stop any doctor resuscitating him should he collapse
  • His advocate Jackie Powell says he may sue if his death wish is not followed
  • 'If he's unconscious my instructions are he must be allowed to die,' she said
  • Government could still stop his legally-binding request
  • Brady has been starving himself for 13 years - but doctors force-feed him
By Martin Robinson


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