Saturday, 12 January 2013

Heidi & Spencer: Worst Big Brother Housemates Of All Time?

Never in the whole history of 'Big Brother' have I witnessed a pair quite so obnoxious as professional reality stars Heidi and Spencer. More disgusting than the stuff they had tipped over Ryan's head, more vile than what ended up in the bottom of Rylan Clark's sick-bucket.
I adore Rylan. He's witty, he's camp, he's intelligent, he's cute, and he takes NO nonsence from these mouth-almighty buffoons from across the Pond. If I was Dylan or Claire and Spencer had said those things about me, I would have decked him. I do suspect that someone will before the series is out, which would be a terrible shame because these two pieces of snot are not worth being evicted for. Not one person there has been spared their bile, AND they're reputed to have been paid $500,000 to appear in the show AND to have married each other three times in five years.
Fingers crossed, over the next few days will play the nice people (which is all of them) tapes of what Spencer & Heidi have said. I really want to watch these to squirm. They remind me of another vile American pair--well, three if you include Charles Manson!

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