Sunday, 27 January 2013

Clark Gable & Judy Lewis: It's All In The Ears

An elderly Clark Gable fan just brought it to my attention that Judy Lewis, the illegitimate daughter of Clark Gable and Loretta Young, got a tad upset when she read my biography, 'Clark Gable: Tormented Star', where I said--courtesy of what I had read in several Joan Crawford biographies and in at least six other sources--that Rhett Butler took a rump-hump from silents star Billy Haines in the washroom at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Ms Lewis wrote to me--at least I believed she had, until this morning when I fished out the email and did a forensics check. I won't say who wrote that email, but it wasn't her! Then I received another letter--Debbie Carbunkle-Pie, or something like that. Quote, Ms Lewis was upset because I had never known Gable, whereas she had known him well. Ahem, I think not. It was a pariah in those days to be born on the wrong side of the blanket, and Gable never acknowledged her during his lifetime--she never found out he was her father until he had been dead five years.
But, when I received a second email from 'Ms Lewis', calling me a bastard--well, I responded. This was a classic case of the pot calling the kettle.
And yes, to the dear old lady who five years on still seems a little peeved, I did say that Ms Lewis was inconsiderate to curl up her toes on the anniversary of Joey Stefano and Freddie Mercury. But it was also my father's birthday--and he was a real bastard!
And now, to quote the elderly lady again, who I fear may not quite be in possession of her marbles, Ms Lewis's family are thinking of suing me--for saying that Gable did not acknowledge her.
Good luck with that one!
If only these people with so much money to waste would donate it to be used in saving lives, instead of making their own look progressively more stupid...


  1. Well well, have these people no life? so sad gable did not indeed acknowledge, she said so in a tv documentary as I recall around 4 years ago, are they real people or stupid, perhaps the latter, chris Rogers

  2. Exactly, Chris. And who do you think was the 'go-between' who stirred it with Ms Lewis? None other than our resident LA loony!