Thursday, 24 January 2013

Are Heidi & SpencerThe Worst BB Contestants Of All Time

They could not have been blessed with a more appropriate name--Pratt.
They are in my opinion without any doubt the most puerile, shameless, vicious and cruel act to have ever schlepped up on British television. Imagine ten Evelyn Zumayas, ten Hala Pickfords, six Bernard Mannings and a couple of Peter Sutcliffes guesting on The Jeremy Kyle Show, with Mary Whitehouse as the stand-in host, and you have an idea what I mean.  I'm only sorry that their backstabbing to the cameras was not played to the other contestants--then again, there would have been a riot. Razor almost got there--man of my heart that he is! They are even more hated in America than they are here--yet people keep voting for them!
I guess the public keep them in because secretly they're hoping for an all-out brawl. I for one would find it very difficult keeping my mouth shut--I'd certainly have to sit on my hands--every time that smug git puts on one of his smirks. His is a face that truly welcomes being pushed very deep into a cow-pat. And that VOICE of hers! Jeepers creepers, that woman has a whine which would send Will & Grace's Karent stomping towards the hills--save that Karen was lovely, whereas Mrs Pratt should Heidi somewhere and not come back. And now they're trying to be nice--after demanding bodyguards when they leave the house...
But, back to their parents. They may not know what Heidi & Spencer are getting up to over here or how despised they are--but at least they'll hear the boos thousands of miles away when they descend that staircase on Friday!

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