Sunday, 9 December 2012

Time To Stop Bullying The Australian DJs

I have worked in radio for over 25 years, and in this time have made around 400 DTL pre-records, including one with this station and one of these DJs.
If the ones bullying this pair did their homework, instead of loading their bow-strings without thinking (a typical bullying trait) they would find out that to make a DTL pre-record, BEFORE one gets to the DJ, one needs a producer and a technician.
In my opinion, this young man and woman did nothing wrong. They were acting as part of team who were making a prank call. The UK (and I should imagine every country in the world now) enjoys nothing better than a prank. Remember 'Candid Camera' and 'The Noel Edmonds Show'?
How on earth was anyone involved with this radio station going to know that their call would be taken by someone who was clearly unstable--and therefore who in my opinion (and I am entitled to one without having a bunch of fruit-loops call the authorities) should not have been caring for a future Queen of England?
I am desperately sorry for the woman who died, but again in my opinion, it's rather a silly thing to wish to die for and to leave two children motherless. One only wonders what other facts the inquest will throw up.
If ANYONE should be to blame, it should be the person who organised the DTL pre-record, and the one who put the call through to the hospital.
NOT these two, who are now going through hell, and some of the papers have joined in with the bullying campaign to needlessly turn them into monsters.
Bigots who destroyed Kevin Lloyd, Justin Fashinu and David Scarboro with their bullying. And of course, the one thing that these people don't have--aside from brains--is a good memory.

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