Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Press: To Regulate Or Not To Regulate

With reference to no one in particular.

If a young lady of fame goes out on the razzle, whips off her drawers in the wine bar, dances on the table and then chucks up all over her local MP's wife, who happens to be there with the local Catholic priest, who she's knocking off--though his BNP member boyfriend is unaware of this--then the incident is bound to get in the press!

Then there's the Liz Taylor syndrome, and Amy Winehouse was a participant, too. Again, no reference to anyone living. Liz or Amy would head off for an engagement which was supposedly top secret, 'anonymously' inform the press beforehand, then play merry hell when they arrived at wherever, to the expected popping of flash-bulbs.

There are of course times when the press are very wrong. I've been nobbled a couple of times--once by a broadsheet, and secondly by a chipwrap. It was harsh at the time, but I did eventually get satisfaction and compensation. I mean, how DARE they say I'm a year older than I actually am! And there are others. Hacking the phones of dead girls, and dressing somebody up as an Arab sheik to trick a famous person--getting a reporter to pretend to be a rent-boy to nab a priest is not particularly nice. And of course, there are those who fear press intrusion, maybe because they have something to hide--again, I refer to no one in particular. But unless we're careful--and IF Leveson's nonsensical recommendations are implicated, we could end up like my beloved France, where a court-case is still silently raging because someone wrote something 'litigious' about Victor Hugo. He's been dead 127 years....

I'm no big fan of David Cameron, but in this instance I agree with him wholeheartedly. As for 'the petition', I fear it may get as many signatures as there are words in the Bible--like the Savile-Smith affair, it's the buzz of the moment, and no one likes to moan more than the British--but that it won't make one iota of difference. Still, reports of its progress make for interesting reading and it keeps people off the streets during this wildly inclement weather!


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