Friday, 14 December 2012

Morrissey Is NOT vile!

The Sun newspaper finds his comments 'vile', which I find amusing.

For any Sun journalist to call anyone vile is an extreme case of the pot calling the kettle black--as I know from my own experience, and the experiences of some of my friends, they have a monopoly on the word. I place Sun journalists in the same category as homophobes.  
Moz and I have many things in common. We are both the offspring of immigrants, both raised in the no-nonsense North. I admire him, he admires me. He wanted his first biographer to die in a car smash, while he wanted me to be dusted and placed on his mantelshelf. I have made similar wishes and am not ashamed. Neither of us use pseudonyms. We say what we want to say as ourselves because we are not cowards, and invariably we say openly what others dare not.
I don't always agree with his views on royalty. We had the Queen Mum, and Diana. We have our Queen. The rest are frequently a waste of space. For quite a while now we've managed to survive without The Spews of the World. I'm sure we could manage with one chipwrap less.

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