Thursday, 15 November 2012

Days Of Our Lives Gay Kiss: Bigots Unite

Just what was all the fuss about? A young man gets tiddly, gets followed outside by another tiddly young man, and they snog.

And the twin-set and Greenwoods jackets Bible-Thumper brigade gets all hot under the collar and start gnashing those ugly brown teeth!

Darlings, it's perfectly normal! Don't you know that already, or have you spent so long sipping your Complan and talking about your neighbours behind their backs after your prayer meetings to realise what the real world is all about?

You can call your nearest Artemedia or if you're in the areas take a trip to Catalina Island or a stroll on Hampstead Heath and you'll see a whole lot more, I can assure you.

Being different is not offense to the God who like as not will boot most of you back down the slippery slope when you schlepp up at those Pearly Gates and say what good people you have been while on earth. Love comes in many forms. Even slugs enjoy having sex!
Some years ago, here in the UK there was a television documentary where a vicar's boy had killed himself because his family were intensely homophobic--the vicar is on camera stating that he would rather have his boy dead than have him gay. I would like to think that when his time comes, Satan puts him on a low light.

Two years ago I was barred from a local pub for opening my trap when a group of well-dressed pensioners were discussing a customer's son who was leaving for Afghanistan. Spouted one old lady, 'You'd think they'd send all the gays there to get killed first, wouldn't you, or the ones with AIDS?'

So, Bible-Thumpers. Here's an interesting question. Would you have complained by the thousand had the second young man schlepped up with a gun or a Samurai sword and taken the other young man's head off?

Be ashamed of yourselves, you disgusting heathens!

And so to a few quotes. I find the one by Mary Floyd Cook Gebo (sounds like a Joanie character from Dynasty' particularly offensive. She knows some 'really nice very clean gay men'. How noble of the lady. I know some really horrible, dirty straight men too! So, Ms Gebo accepts or rejects gay men depending upon how many nits they may have--or maybe she sniffs them before deciding whether she likes them or not? And a HUGE VIRTUAL BUNCH OF RED ROSES for Valerie, a truly honourable lady for sticking up against these horrible bigots! As for Alice Grant--if God really did create Eve from Adam's rib, I reckon he must have created this one from his vomit!

Valerie Dionne i think that days is doing a great job showing that GAY ppl are people too and still need to be respected!!!! sooo i agree with sonny and will and support what they are doing!!!! good job Days!!! keep up the good work!!!!
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Kim James Hester I have watched this show for 42 years, and have always enjoyed it so much, but i think the gay scenes are going a little to far.


Deidre Glenn Johnson The gay storyline has gone too far for daytime tv. gay is fine on the show but showing way too much detail. Pretty disgusting.


  • Maureen O'Neill Maybe the Days Writers put the gay story line on to let the veiwers know there are people out there that are gay and I guess it s normal being gay besides it lets the one s that did nt come out of the closet to see it s ok if they are gay.Days of our lives must be ok with the gay life in todays time.Im for one not against gays,there just as normal as straight people.I dont really no anyone who is gay. Only the people on tv like Rosie O"Donnell and Ellen D and also Elton John and I still love watching them gay or not I did catch Will and Sonny together did nt care to watch that part though just got up and did something else till it was over, I do the same if it was a man and a woman.

  • Mary Floyd Cook Gebo I think days PRODUCERS /WRITERS/ONES in charge-----should stick to traditional family and affairs (man & woman sceens)----get the gay guys sceens off our favorite show( lesbian sceens also keep off days).I except alot and have gay members as relatives--that is their business ,as many families do have gays/lesbians, but come on,the bible says man do not lay with man in so many of it's own we pay for our tv shows,keep it traditional.some things should be private,I know some really clean very nice gay men,but THE SEX SCEENS IN BED---- MALE, FEMALE ,WHATEVER, LOOSE IT,there is enough to keep us veiwers satified without the bed sceens.

  • Arizona S. Heat But its happening in the world whether or not its in the bible, against the frickin happening in OUR world in our lives, Y not let it be part of our 1 hr fantasy that comes on daily inpicting normal 'life' in our favorite town, Salem. Y R U all in denial?!
  • Alice Grant Ive watched Days from the beginning..ive been pretty much with most of the stuff on it accept now..with the gay stuff.and that gay love scene made me sick. And yes the Bible is against gays. I feel sorry for them really. I dont think they have to be gay, i think gay people can be helped to go straight if they really wanted to.

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