Friday, 30 November 2012

Morrissey, Bret & Freedom Of Speech

The world and its mother knows how much we admire each other--not much point having a mouth if it has to stay shut!

MORRISSEY: As things stand pre-Leveson, free speech does not exist in the UK, and if you think that it DOES, then you're probably a recovering alcoholic.
BRET: The Leveson Enquiry, an utter waste of £5.6 million of tax-payer's money in a country blighted by recession. Milly Dowler's family and that of the London bombing victim excluded, most of these people only have themselves to blame. Think, Mr & Mrs Celebrity, when you're smiling smugly and saying 'I won!', of how many children this money would have fed and saved from dying. And do you think for one moment this is going to stop the muck-raking?

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