Wednesday, 21 November 2012

It's Time The Anglican Church Made Up It's Mind

I think it's time the Anglican Church made up its mind about a couple of issues.
Women priests and bishops.
And the gay issue.
Archbishop Sentamu is one cleric in particular who is starting to get on my tits. And before you complain by the thousand--no, it has nothing to do with the colour of his skin, but what I believe to be a severe case of crass hypocrisy and a vain attempt to make the hole fot the peg.
Not so long ago, Sentamu was bemoaning the subject of gay marriage--I'm not sure if he finds civil unions morally offensive, or whether he doesn't like the idea of a Christopher Biggins type schlepping fown the aisle in a Versace gown, but whatever....
Sentamu says, on the subject of gay marriage, we should stick with what the Bible says, and with tradition. Fair enough, if that's what he believes in. We're all entitled to our opinion.
However, when it comes to ordaining women bishops, he believes we should be moving with the times--in other words, NOT sticking with tradition.
I'm sorry, your worship, but you are being unfair and, if I may say so, a bigot. You cannot stick with tradition when it suits you, and not stick with it when it doesn't.
It's called homophobia.

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