Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dinah Sheridan: RIP

A truly lovely lady (and one I hope Grim Reaper Thornton doesn't stick his grubby claws into) I spoke to Dinah often on the phone--some of the Hollywood stories told by her gardener and house-sitter would make your hair curl, and Dinah herself was no shrinking violet when 'telling the tale'!
Dinah passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 92.
She'd just married Jimmy Hanley when cast opposite George Formby in 'Get Cracking', and told me of her experiences with Beryl--a harridan who I nevertheless hold in very high esteem. Beryl, she said, had vetted her, and before Dinah signed the contract she was read the riot act. 'George couldn't keep it in his pants, but whatever he had in his pants was of no interest to me because I'd just married the most wonderful man in the world!'
Dinah went on to much bigger thingsm such as 'The Railway Children' Aubry died a few years ago, and my heart goes out to Jenny, who I also had a few nice chats with.

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