Thursday, 22 November 2012

Chanson: The Play & The 2013 Schedule

The novel doesn't come out until next June, but the play is only slightly based on it. Just the two main characters--I had to leave out Fréhel and Suzy Solidor because, unless they put in the programme, not many people are going to remember who they were. The ending's also been changed in the wake of the trial performance two years ago.
There's also been a slight change to the 'Bret Programme' for 2013. According to the announcement on Amazon, 'Greta Garbo: Divine Star' is to be published in paperback in March. Not so. They've just decided to keep reprinting the hardback for now, as it's still selling well.
'Elizabeth Taylor' is due out in China any time now, with a print-run of 100,000. I never thought they'd heard of her there. The book's all squiggles, but they've done an amazing cover in violet silk, to match her eyes, and each copy has a Cleopatra bookmark!
And finally, 'Valentino's Affairs' now looks like being rescheduled to August or even later so that both versions come out together, and so as not to flood the market. The text is more or less completed. We've had a few arguments with the backers regarding the ending. They wanted to have Rudy vomiting blood in inglorious close-up when he's found in his bathroom, and I found myself putting my foot down. What's this obsession with puking all of a sudden? It's everywhere--in films, soaps, even in sit-coms. Can't they just clap their hands to their mouths and rush out of the room like they used to? Do we really need to see this? As for the sex, I tried to put my foot down about that one too because originally there was no sex in it--just a little kissing. Sadly, I didn't win, though it's been kept to a respectable level! 
And finally, finally! There's Joey's new book, 'This Old House', which I'm handling--pretty much like I'm handling Joey, if you listen to rumours!--and which is due out some time during the Spring.

Chanson: A Two-Act Play (A Story of Forbidden Love Set During The German Occupation of Paris)
Paperback, 74 Pages                                          
List Price:£8.99
You Save:£1.80( 20% )
Ships in 3–5 business days
'Chanson', with songs from the period, tells the story of French singer, Marcel--brooding, from the wrong side of the tracks, he arrived in Paris in 1934 and was discovered singing in the streets by Gérard, one of the city's most eminent impresarios. When the play opens it is 1944. Paris is under the Nazi jackboot and Marcel is the star attraction at Levalle's, the most fashionable club in Paris. When Gérard is murdered, Marcel's life falls apart. He ends his relationship with his girlfriend and can no longer see his mistress because her husband is home on leave. While trudging the streets late at night, after curfew, drunk and disorientated, he is picked up by Jurgen, a young German lieutenant who has worshiped him from afar for some time. Initially their relationship is platonic, but as time passes a deep bond develops between them as Marcel fights his demons to rebuild his shattered career--while the Liberation approaches, bringing triumph and tragedy in equal measure. WARNING: contains strong language< Less

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