Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Binge Drinkers: Why Should The Rest Of The Country Suffer?

So, according to our not so illustrious government, if they increase the price of a unit of alcohol, it will discourage binge drinkers--yet another example of the botched instititution who is DRIVING us all to drink not knowing which planet they are on.
Binge-drinkers form a minority, one which I confess keeps me in on a weekend. The last thing I want while sitting next to the window of my favourite restaurant is to watch some biddy chucking up in the grate outside.
But why punish we responsible people? Why not impose tougher penalties for those guilty of causing havoc in town centres and decorating our streets with their stomach contents. A little old chap Jeanne knows was innocently feeding the pigeons--there's no notice prohibiting this, but he was hauled in by the rozzers, spent a couple of hours in a cell, caused the strapped police force to spend money they can ill afford to write out a report. Then he was hauled off to court--more wasted money--and given a £75 fine. One local reporter estimated a total cost of £2,000....and the birds ate up the 'mess' he made!
If a puking boozer was made to come back the next day--that's after they've spent the night in a specially constructed drunkard's hut, in the dark, cold and damp and no bedding, sobering up and preferably after a good hosing down--and clean up their honk, then maybe they might think twice about doing it again. And if British bartenders were treated the same as they are in France--equally responsible, because they've served these drunks in the first place--then maybe this nuisance will be curbed.
The answer, Messieurs Cameron and Clegg, is NOT to punish the innocent, but the guilty. But then again, you've never been on Canal Street or Solihul Street when the pubs are turning out, have you--or had to avert your delicate eyes from the shop doorways while you're rushing for your early morning train?

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