Monday, 8 October 2012

The Sun Newspaper: Showing Its Ignorance Once More

Yet again offering proof that this ghastly publication should relocate to Chernobyl, comes a feature on Page 6 of today's rag.
'Flood Rescue For Gay Dads'.
Written for no other reason than prejudice, and of course whichever manure heap penned it remains anonymous--effectively a 'troll', which is what THEY call someone who writes offensive material without leaving their name. They're dads, you vile lump of nothingness. What they do or don't do with their cocks is immaterial!
So, the next time they write some nonsensical story about the sublimely non-talented Cheryl Cole, to redress the balance will they call her a 'straight non-talented person'--and the next time they mention Prince William and Princess Kate (the real one, not the one with the face like a bag of spanners soaked in vinegar) will they be described as 'the straight royal couple'?
Methinks not!

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