Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Montserrat Caballé: Get Well Soon

She's a dear, tremendous lady and we go back a long way. She wrote the introductions to two of my books: Freddie Mercury, and Maria Callas. We laughed and cried together about Freddie--his wicked jokes, Montsy's dry sense of humour. We chewed the fat over Callas--Jeanne had called her 'ten ton', a quaint Yorkshire term for arrogant. And we wept over Wunderlich--I think she had a soft spot for him when they worked together. Montsy's in hospital right now recovering from a stroke. Only last year she was touring, at 78 and still in fine fettle. Our thoughts are with young Montsy, Carlos and Isabel at this dreadfully anxious time--but most especially with Montsy herself. Get well, sweetheart. Freddie isn't ready for you yet. xxx

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