Saturday, 6 October 2012

George Formby: The Play

The stageplay, along with the monologue, 'Our Annie's Funeral'. The play centres on George's relationships with his copiously vulgar mother, Eliza, and his domineering wife, Beryl. I admired Beryl tremendously. She was feisty and tough--had to be in a man's world, as show business was in their day. George was given an OBE, but they should have given Beryl one too for her stance against apartheid which got them kicked out of South Africa when she fronted up to Daniel Malin, the Nick Griffin of his day. There's also an appearance by busty chanteuse, Yana.
The monologue event actually happened. In our families, there was often more hilarity to be found at funerals than at weddings--whenever someone got married, there was usually a fight!

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