Friday, 28 September 2012

Megan Stammers: Give Her & Lover Peace

So, Megan Stammers has been found, and I say leave these two young people alone. Megan hasn't been found bound and gagged in an attic. They were seen doing what lovers do--strolling hand-in-hand through the street.
But, the puerile vomits of the tabloids, the Bible bashers, the hypocrite moralists will all have a field-day, wanting to string this young man up on the nearest yard-arm.
Okay, she the girl is fifteen going on sixteen. But this is 2012, not Victorian England. In their press photographs they look almost the same age. And you, Mrs Moralist (it will be the old biddies leading the baying mob)--have you never been in love? Are you in any position to question what others do? Do you know for certain--like you claim to know everything else--that there was ever anything physical between these two? Is that all you see in your withered, prejudiced old woman's mind's eye, the physical side of love?
I for one was hoping that they would not been found--until Megan had reached her milestone birthday and had the ring on her finger. Wouldn't have been long. And I wouldn't mind betting that something was wrong on the Home Front, otherwise thse two kids wouldn't have had to run away in the first place.
And what will happen now. The poor man will be pilloried, the parents will keep them apart, and the result will be inevitable tragedy. That's a fact.

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