Sunday, 30 September 2012

Megan & Jeremy: The Sun Persecution

I've always considered The Sun not worthy to be used for wiping the backside of a flea-blown camel, it's journalists of the same quality of the stuff you wipe off the aforesaid backside.

The one who called once to ask if I was having a relationship with Dietrich. Then the vile creature that is Antonella Lazzeri. And now we have Ryan Sabey and Rachel Dale, yet more proof that the only good Sun journalist is one who has passed into the next world--which I presume would involve a journey South.
Why do Sabey and Dale have to be so VILE? They wallow with pride when telling us that Jeremy, whose only crime appears to have been silliness and falling in love, has spent a night in France's toughest prison which houses murderers, cut-throats, and boasts 400 suicides. How these two pieces of manure would love to report in tomorrow's paper that the poor kid has hanged himself! They wallow in showing us pictures of the 'squallid' hotel room--in telling us how pale and tired he looked, blah-blah. He was looking pale because evil monsters like yourselves were hunting him like a pack of wolves--well aware that you would never have a good to word to say for him, as you never have a good word to say for anyone. You've tried your utmost to make him into the most evil and disgusting creature who has ever trod God's earth. Have YOU never been in love?  
But, Sabey & Dale, and the other scum employed by your chip-wrap, methinks the writing is on the wall. Millie & Hillsborough, and all the other dirty deeds are sure to catch up with you all, sending you spiralling down the same drain as as your sister paper, The News of the World. But before that happens, what other shame will be unearthed about you? And might I suggest a pre-closure trip for all Sun and ex-News of the World journalists to some place like Chernobyl, so that when you return we can all watch you slowly suffer, the way you have made some of us suffer?

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