Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Julie Goodyear: British Icon

She may be rough as a bag of spanners, and she may have a bit of a mucky mouth, but Julie Goodyear is a star through and through--indeed, not one of those people in the Big Brother house may hold a candle to her. My only criticism is her constant chewing--though I really would have liked to have seen her chew up Coleen Nolan and spit out the pips. That woman is so vile, she could almost be the twin sister of that other dreadful woman presenter on ITV.
And didn't Our Bet lay into her tonight! Coleen and Ashley, the little nail-chewing judo boy who buys his pants from C & A so he knows which way to put them on. As for Harvey, that one is so educationally challenged he would give Hala Pickford a run for her money. Can he actually say a sentence which doesn't have the word 'like' or 'bro' in it?
As for the others, I guess they're so-so. Prince Lorenzo was cutebut didn't seem to have a clue what was going on most of the time. Mike is all muscle and not much nouse.
The exception is Julian Clary, one of the wittiest men who ever drew breath. A STAR!!!!
If he doesn't win, I'll snog Pamela Gurney!

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