Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tony Bennett: Old Man In A Raincoat

So, the illustrious Tony Bennett, he of the mucky raincoat and shopping trolley, is at it again in response to my revelation that a certain person may no longer hold a certain position with a certain organisation--allegedly.

Anthony Bennett The source of this misinformation about ********** was David Bret - a most unreliable source.

  • Anthony Bennett As a general rule, I would suggest: avoid David Bret. He has made some really disgusting comments about the ****** in the past, nothing to do with the issue of what happened to ******. And he has done the same with others, he can be very nasty indeed. I would hardly want to rely on his 'sources', either: ******* remains ******* as can be seen from their website. If *** ever were to step down from that position, I am quite sure there would be a public announcement

  • First of all, Mr Bennett--or should that be Frank Randall?--I have not made any disgusting comments about your idols. Yes, your idols, for it's also a well-established rumour that you may be a double-agent. Secondly, unlike yourself I have never shuffled around shopping centres with a rickey trolley handing out litigious leaflets, or hung around outside people's houses dispensing propaganda--wearing an old raincoat and looking like a derelict. It is precisely because of your nefarious activies that you are to be hauled before the beak by your victims, and for which I sincerely hope that they throw the book at you and send you to jail for attempting to take the law into your own hands.  

  • Anthony Bennett *********** But David Bret's foul outbursts IMO seriously detract from our cause. I wanted members of this FB group to be fully aware of the background re DB - especially before placing any reliance on him

  • And what precisely, Mr Randall, do you mean when you refer to 'the background of DB'? You, sir, are the one with the criminal record--the one who for as long as anyone can remember had made yourself look like a prize tit. Also, may I refer my readers (4,300 hits for my announcement the other day) to the fact that, not so long ago, you contacted one of my friends and asked for my help in 'setting up' (your exact words) a journalist from The Sun newspaper. You supplied me with your email address, as I recall, along with your personal telephone number. Your words then were along the lines that I was 'so reliable', we could 'get' this person. I've kept everything, just in case your memory is as shuffling as the rest of you.

    Finally, how do my 'foul outbursts' detract from your cause. If your cause was worthwhile and honest, you should be able to stand your ground no matter what. I'm not speaking regarding the group when I say this, but your personal cause which has seen you persistently making yourself look like a prize fool. The 'cause', as you call it, is very, very strong. Also, which 'foul outbursts' are you referring to? There are none. You are simply looking for excuses for your own ineptitude. Everything you have done regarding your 'cause' has turned around and landed back in your face. You are quite possibly one of the most gullible, stupid people I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. Only a fool would post personal details about their financial struggles, and for every step you take forwards, your ineptitude and sheer lack of common sense forces you to take ten steps back.

    If anyone has messed up your cause, Mr Bennett-Randall, it is you! 

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