Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Jackie Powell: Ian Brady's 'Representative'

This woman, speaking last night in the Ian Brady documentary on Channel Four, should make the flesh crawl on decent, God-loving and law-abiding people everywhere.

She is not interested, she says, in what happened all those years ago--the fact that her client, who we got the impression must also be a friend, tortured, sexually abused and murdered children before burying  them on a desolate moorland.

Ian Brady is, she says, entitled to a certain amount of respect.

What sort of a monster IS Jackie Powell, to brazenly make such statements in front of a television camera--and to admit that she may have evidence of where Keith Bennett is buried, by way of a letter which she says she handed back to the killer?

In my opinion, Jackie Powell is little better than Myra Hindley. She may not have killed a child, but she has colluded with this dreadful man and apparently supported him by possibly preventing a dear old lady from giving her child a Christian burial--a dear lady who went her grave while this very programme was being edited for transmission.

In my opinion, and I should say it's an opinion shared by many others, ANYONE who supports ANY criminal, when that crime is against a dead or missing child, should be struck dead. There is nothing worse on God's earth than cruelty to children, and over the last year or so there has been way, way too much of this sort of thing. And Ms Powell is not the only one. Think of that vile old goon, Lord Longford, who wanted to get Myra Hindley released from prison. Take a look on Facebook, and you will see sites applauding murderers such as Ian Huntley and Peter Sutcliffe.

I only hope that, in the wake of last night's programme, this vile woman is brought to heel and made to hand over whatever information she may have--then chucked into some hole with that other foul hag from across the Channel who believes that Keith Bennett is buried in a 'beautiful' place.

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