Friday, 17 August 2012

Ian Brady: Yet Another Arrogant Monster

This creep has been flaunting his crime in our faces for the past 46 years, and news now comes in that he is supposed to have disclosed the whereabouts of Keith Bennett's body in a letter to be opened after he dies.

Which leaves us with two choices. Have him put down so that we learn the truth, or make him talk. I and no doubt many others could off the cuff think up several ways of effecting the latter.

People like myself and Morrissey have been supporting and campaigning behind the scenes for Winnie Johnson to have closure for many years now. This poor lady has lived through a genuine martyrdom ever since this monster and his cohort, Myra Hindley, took her boy. In all this time, Brady has been gloating in his cell, knowing the truth, and no one has had the guts to make him talk.

This of course is Britain, a country of milksop laws and politicians. Weaklings. This country would rather spend millions every year coddling murderers than just a few pounds exterminating them--and I'm talking about the definitely guilty ones, not the ones they're not entirely sure of. I knew Peter Sutcliff for a while, as did my mother (and in case a certain ginger woman is thinking of making nasty remarks about my mother, as she's done before, I would suggest you button it before someone buttons it for you)--yet when he was arrested, within a mile of where I was working at the time, I would have willingly put the rope around his neck.

And Brady is not the only one. How many times have you seen these people on television--putting on lamenting faces, weeping crocodile tears, wanting so-and-so to be found safe and well when all the time THEY have dispatched them to the next world. Ian Huntley and the one in the news right now--ACTORS--which I cannot comment about because, when all is said and done, we have a law which says innocent until proven guilty? These people should be made to talk. They should be stopped from running rings around the authorities. And at the end of the day their punishment should be severe, and final. But a drop in the ocean in recompense for the merry game they have led their pursuers.

Mrs Johnson is a very special case because, unlike some of the others, there is absolutely no doubt that she was never involved. The ones who have cried crocodile tears--and there'll be many more such cases in the future--do have to live with their guilt. They spend every moment, every day of their lives looking over their shoulders, wondering when their House of Cards is going to come tumbling down. They are not permitted normal lives. And they are always caught out in the end when their guilt catches up with them, if not by the law then by the Great Judge. But this does not help a dying old lady who is terrified of going to her grave without knowing the truth.

And if this person claiming to have a letter from Brady detailing where Keith lies buried has been withholding information which will give this dear lady closure, then they should have the book thrown at them, for what they are doing--IF this is true--is assisting a murderer to conceal information.

It's a truly shameless society that we live in. And the way our society works, it always seems to be the criminal who comes off on top. 

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