Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Frida Boccara - So Beautiful That You Cry

One of the most talented, beautiful, adorable and sublime singers to have ever graced a stage.
It's 16 years today since Frida Boccara left us, to sleep in the cemetery at Bagneux just around the corner from our beloved Barbara.
In 1969, Frida WON the Eurovision Song Contest with 'Un jour un enfant', which in my opinion will remain the finest Eurovision song of all time. Because of the silly voting system, however, there were three other winners sharing the prize--including the United Kingdom's Lulu, who over the years has not been so kind to our Frida. Lulu boasted BEFORE the contest that she would win because she was an international star, and that the others were virtually unknown.
WRONG! Frida Boccara had already sold more records in France alone than Lulu had sold around the world--'Un jour un enfant' has now sold more records around the world than Lulu's entire catalogue, so stick that in your haggis and smoke it. And with today's rules, Frida's song wouldd have been outright winner.
Frida sang lots of other songs, of course--such as the above, the music for which was the theme for a Brigitte Bardot film. She had a wide variety of styles, was IMMENSELY popular, and had she been alive today she would have been just as popular as she was back then.
Frida Boccara is more than just a singer to me. She is a part of my heart, and there are few of her songs which do not bring a lump to my throat.
Rest in peace, darling lady!

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