Monday, 16 July 2012

Why Would Some People Rather Hate Than Love?

It's silly, but it's true. Whether this be a sportsman, a royal, a politician, a Big Brother contestant leaving the house.
Jade Goody was lambasted by the press for alleged racist remarks--she was generally regarded as dirt, yet when she passed away the same people who had hated her reacted like we had lost the Queen. When Rock Hudson and Freddie Mercury left us, for some it was far easier to grab the knives than it was to reach for their tissues. With all the lousy weather we've been having, people are far happier moaning about the rain than they would be enthusing about the sunshine!
With all the wars and famines and political strife that we have in the world today, not so long ago these stories were pushed aside to make way for front-page headlines where Ian Huntley's brother revealed 'exclusively' how much he hated him. For money, of course. If, heaven forbid, our beloved Queen was to leave this world on the same day as Cheryl Cole or Justin Bieber, there's no question of who will grab the biggest headlines.
The Sun newspaper has a hidden rule: no major features are permitted unless they contain 'stock' words: vile, evil, pervert, crazy, etc.
There's a new site called 'Missing People'. I've done some checking and come up with a few figures which in view of the above are hardly surprising. When it first opened, it did so as a battle ground between two rival factions, headed by an assumed Brunhilde whose mantra is one of hatred, contempt, and all things negative. It was all very one-sided. On 3 July this site peaked with 3,382 hits for that day. Then the Rulers of Valhalla waved their wand. Brunhilde and her warring minions were banished, and barriers erected to keep them out of the Kingdom so that peace would preside. Result: as of 12 July 'Missing People' have averaged just 39 hits per day. Proof if proof were needed that sections of the British public are very much happier hating than loving.

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