Saturday, 26 May 2012

UK's Fattest Teenager

Medics smash house to save 63-stone teen

UK fattest girl's seizure

Yesterday while strolling through town I couldn't help but notice that at least one in every three people who passed me was grossly overweight. Okay, some of these people are ill, and need help. But the woman standing in the doorway at Argos eating a kebab the size of  loaf, with all the fat drooling down her chops and onto her size 30 tee-shirt.....that's gluttony, pure and simple, and I have no pity whatsoever for such people, particularly when, in Africa, what this obese lump scoffs in a week would feed a whole family for a year.
So, do I have any pity for Britain's fattest teenager, and her myriad of excuses regarding why she is so fat that her house had to be demolished to get her to hospital? Maybe I do. Do I hold those responsible for getting her into such a condition with contempt? Most certainly I do, if this is what happened. If these people are persistently feeding her on junk food, for whatever reason, then they are contributing to her early death and should be judged accordingly. Involuntary manslaughter. That's if they are to blame. If not it's gluttony, pure and simple and she deserves the fate which awaits her.
My parents' generation suffered all kinds of maladies because of a bad diet brought about by World War II food shortages, and the rationing which followed. Suet puddings, too many carbohydrates, and of course way too many cigarettes. Now it's fast-food joints and quick-fix meals. If you were fat in the 1970s the medics merely told you to lose weight. You wouldn't have situations where vast amounts of tax-payers' money is used to demolish your house. And do the chipwaps (pardon the pun) REALLY care about these people?
Of course they don't. Just like programmes such as "Embarrassing Bodies", and those two disgusting ads on the telly right now which contain gratuitous vomiting, they pick up on these stories because they revel in the ghoulish circus of it all.

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