Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Time To Bring Back Capital Punishment

Mother and father arrested over murder of six children in Derbyshire house fire

A father of 17 who was dubbed 'Shameless Mick' in a TV documentary, has been arrested over the murder of six of his children along with their mother

It has always been my firm belief that this country started going to the dogs when they stopped corporal punishment in schools--before that, when they abolished the rope.
For premeditated murder, if that's what this is, the only punishment is a length of hemp around the neck. Children who should have had their whole lives in front of them, wiped out by this piece of garbage. And hot on the heels of this news, a sweet, 94-year-old lady who never harmed everyone, who lived a long, fruitful life to have it snuffed out by some thug. Why should we, the taxpayers, have to pay for these people to live a life of luxury in prison, when it costs virtually nothing to spring open a trap-door? Enough is enough, I say. A return to old values is exactly what this country needs, otherwise it will always be like this--each tragedy worse than the one before.
And it HAS to be the rope. None of your namby-pamby, easy-way-out injections. The victims of these monsters din't have an easy way out--burned alive, bashed senseless. Let them know what fear is like as they lounge in their cell, waiting for those clanking keys.

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