Sunday, 20 May 2012

Remembering Kathy Kirby

Kathy Kirby, in the old-style NSA (No Shit Allowed) Eurovision Song Contest when everyone sang in their own language, when there was no political voting, and when the entrants all had talent, as opposed to today, when it's virtually unwatchable.
Kathy left us one year ago today, forgotten almost but for her die-hard fans, of which I was one. I only saw her once on the stage, and she was magical. Just over a year ago I included an extended essay in one of my Brit Girls books, and was surprised when she wrote to me, thanking me for what I said. I meant every word.

Like Dot Squires, Kathy was a difficult girl at times--in a harsh man's world, it was a case of having to be. But she was never less than the supreme professional. She could also sing anything, and in any style. Her version of Minstinguett's "Mon homme" is, I think, just as good as Streisand's. Perhaps my favourite is "The Way Of Love", the English adaptation of "Le mal de toi", a huge hit on the continent for Dalida, and in a German version by Eva.
Like Diana Dors and Brigitte Bardot, Kathy was persistently compared with Marilyn Monroe, when in effect there is NO comaprison. DD, BB and KK are all unique and may be compared with no one.

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