Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rebekah Brooks: What Next For Rapunzel?

Rapunzel has let down her hair, but will some handsome knight come sweeping up on his charger and rescue her? Or will she end up the proverbial Bird In A Guilded Cage?
And what will happen to the maggots, wriggling around in the castle basement? Will they wriggle away--or will Big Jack Pike tsunami in and gobble the lot of them up?
Really I should not care one way or another, but others--far removed from the murky world of the tabloids--have made it their business to make it my business, so to speak.
I've been aware of this murky world since 1991, when a seedy journalist conned me into giving an interview about Marlene Dietrich. My friend was still alive, and urged me to go ahead with the meeting, suspicious that he would be recording the conversation. This obnoxious man had hurt her in the past, and her intention was to put out a hit on him. I won't say his name--he knows who he is, and sadly he is still with us, but enjoying the popularity of a razor-embedded dildo.
From my perspective, the writing appears to be on the wall so far as Ms Brooks is concerned. And if the things they are saying about "the letter" are true....well, I knew the truth about that long before it became public knowledge. I guess the courts will decide what is what, in their own time.
As for the manure lump who has taken it upon itself to extract a leaf from the David Whitfield book and write abusively to every house in the street where it thinks that I live---to inform them what a cad I am-- this ruse has also backfired. Even as I speak, I would suggest that the aforementioned manure lump take a swift dive off Beachy Head, for this would be ultimately more preferable to what has been set up for them. Attack the guilty, by all means, but leave the innocent alone!

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