Sunday, 13 May 2012

Peter Andre: Teaching Granny To Suck Eggs I Think Not

Peter Andre’s TV
pop at bad lads

So runs the header in this morning's Sun 'newspaper'.
Peter Andre, slightly less talented than his former wife, Katie Price--who has no talent whatsoever--has now taken on the mantle of the late Clair Raynor.
The man who would make a television series about gathering bluebells or going to the toilet on trains, if he could, is making a television series within which he will teach we chaps how to treat the ladies in our lives. If the series is successful, expect a whole dichotomy of self-help television magazines:
Dr Shipman's Guide To Patient Care Control
Peter Sutcliffe's Guide To Getting The Best Out Of Those Old Chisels
Karen Matthews' Guide To Beauty & Childcare
Rebekah Brooks' Good Hairdressing Guide

A worthless programme to which of course there will be an equally worthless response, when the lovely Katie and her next husband (as with the Grand National there will be forty contenders at the starting post) offer their take on what makes the perfect marriage--followed (yawwwwn) by the finely-sculptured Mr Andre's "hard-hitting" documentary on the filming of the aforementioned guide to...oh, well, I think you've got the picture by now!
Just give 'em all their own TV channel and let them get on with it!

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